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Coming December 14

The Apollo Stone Box Set

The complete Apollo Stone Series is available for pre-order.  Get all of the action, drama, and

intrigue of the entire series in one convenient volume!  Click HERE for more info!

THE IMPACT NEARLY WIPED US OUT. Fire rained down from the skies, smashing into Earth’s land and seas. Earthquakes, firestorms, and tsunamis followed. Millions died instantly. Ash and dust rose high into the atmosphere blocking the sun, ushering in the Long Winter. That’s when the real dying started. Famine, war, revolution. Governments collapsed. The only law was that of survival. That was over a hundred years ago. Today, the world's a different place, but it's anything but peaceful. In North America, the Grand Guardian’s armies are on the march behind a secret weapon of unearthly power.

But all is not what it seems. Dig a little deeper, peel back a few layers, and the terrifying truth becomes clear. We are not alone in the universe. In fact, there’s a war raging across the galaxy, and Earth is about to become the newest, and weakest, combatant. Will Earth emerge victorious over a cruel and implacable enemy bent on victory at any cost? Or will we suffer defeat, even extinction?

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