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Ranger Academy

Shadow of The Tyrant King

A Jack Sawyer Adventure!

Jack Sawyer is a skinny boy, undersized, and as graceful as a giraffe on roller skates. Unnoticed by everyone at Stoneybrook Middle School, except for a trio of bullies and a few fellow misfits, Jack trudges through the school year like it was a prison sentence.

Jack knows many things, like the names of all the state capitals and how to tell an agate from a plain old rock. But there’s much he doesn’t know. For example, he doesn’t know how to shoot sparks by snapping his fingers or ride a galloping horse through the mud and over fences. And he really doesn’t know how to hurl a spear, wield a sword, or track mythical creatures through a magical forest.

But that all changes when one day he discovers he can somehow levitate a basketball and send it flying around the school gymnasium. That’s when he feels the Quickening, and with it a whole new world opens up for him. To harness his new abilities, Jack must go to Ranger Academy in a magical place called the Midwald where he spends the whole summer concocting potions, racing horses, tracking fierce creatures, and battling monsters.

It will be the summer of a lifetime - if he survives it.

Available at AMAZON, B&N, APPLE, KOBO, and GOOGLE

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