Planet and Moon

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The Conqueror

THE ALLIANCE FORCES ARE SPENT.  While the Alliance has won a costly, pyrrhic victory over invading hordes of Sahiradin warriors, it was not by their own strength.  They were saved from certain defeat at the eleventh hour through the intervention of strange new warriors, the Chacksu, created in secret by the Dhurlan Syndicate to fight the fearsome Sahiradin on their own terms.  Yet, even the syndicate's forces were depleted.  And so, even as Veiju Dhurlan flings his Chacksu creations across the stars to challenge Khadiem’s defenses, he desperately seeks to increase production in order to strike at the very heart of Khadiem’s empire and defeat the Sahiradin once and for all.

On Earth, many mourn the loss of friends and companions even as they prepare for invasion.  With the Alliance forces decimated and the Dhurlan Syndicate an unreliable ally, Earth faces the grim prospect of resisting Khadiem’s wrath alone.  But wars are not fought by soldiers alone.  Even in the face of insurmountable odds, forces are at work that may yet defeat the designs not only of the Empress Khadiem but of sinister ancient powers as well.

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